Nanotechnology Capabilities Report of Suzhou, China

This Suzhou Nanotechnology Capabilities Report provides comprehensive information on the nanotechnology capabilities and ecosystem in the garden city of Suzhou, China. Known as the “Venice of the orient”, Suzhou has the vibrant Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) which houses over 20000 multinational and Chinese companies, and is now home to Nanopolis Suzhou, China’s national nanotech commercialization cluster. A further 10 billion RMB (about 1.5 billion USD) has been committed for the next 5 years to further develop Suzhou high-tech and nanotech enabled industries.
The large investments and the rapid advancement in nanotech R&D and commercialization in Suzhou makes this report a must-read for executives, research and development leaders, and business development managers in nanotech enabled industries.
The report covers detailed nanotech activities of research institutes, universities, companies, start-ups, as well as the platforms, infrastructure and the whole nanotech ecosystem that has been built up in Suzhou. Attractive investment support and government funding initiatives for those interested in coming to Suzhou are also covered.
In addition to showcasing Suzhou’s nanotechnology capabilities and ecosystem, the report intends to provide information at a glance for companies or research organizations who wish to identify collaboration partners, expand in the region, or seek incubation, application development and investment support.
In this report, the nanotech capabilities of Suzhou are covered under 3 main segments:

  • Micro & Nano-Manufacturing Technologies
  • Energy & Green Technologies
  • Nano Medicine

This report also provides strategic information for government policy makers who are interested in the advancements in nanotech and its enabled industries in China.

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